Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi to everyone in Blog World!!!

Here is an update....Angel is still working :( hard as ever! She is also doing the mom thing taking kids to there many least they have a life! Susan just finished up a week at EFY they had at the Show Low High School....She did not care for it too much...Nicholas has been spending time with friends...Daniel just finished Cub Day Camp and he had a blast...Tim has also been busy with work...He also just got back from Washington state...He had work stuff and he also got to catch up with a few friends...Angel will be planing a trip to some place here real soon...Cuz she really needs a vacation...

Everyone needs to be extra carefull now while driving cuz we have a new Student Driver...Susan got her Driving Permit June 17....She is so happy and all she wants to do now is go on errands anywhere!!! I need to scan a copy of her permit and show you all her fist picture!

Other that that life has been the same up here is Cool Show Low!!!! Come by and see us sometime...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky

Last night we had a SURPRISE 40th BIRTHDAY PARTY for Becky....She was very surprised! We had a wonderful time! We missed a few people but over all we had a great turn out...It was held at Stacey's house in Gilbert...This is a picture of all that was there!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ok quick update!!! I'm still working.. (big surprise)..Susan is now done with Basketball and has now started Track! Nick is now 13 (Happy Birthday to My Nicholas)...Nick will also be starting Track her soon...Daniel will be starting Baseball!!! All is well with the family. I so miss all my friends and I so miss having a LIFE...good news...Kristi is now working with me at the Hotel...we do try and have some fun every now and then...Dori has got me on a diet!!! Thank you Dori...well it's a contest to see who can lose the most weight in 30 days...There is a nice money prize for the Winner!!! ( Oh please let it be me)...Well, I had better try and get some work done...Just wanted to catch up!! Love ya all

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


To all my friends...I have not posted anything for a while so I thought I would give a quick update!!!!

As you all know I have been working at the Hampton Inn for almost 1 month now...After 3 weeks of working there I was called into the Bosses office...I was a little scared but the question was..."Angel we need a 2ND Assistant Supervisor would you be willing to do that?" Of course I said YES!!! So I have been training as an Assistant Supervisor in Housekeeping, training in Laundry, Common Area Cleaning and today I was trained in the Breakfast Bar! In the last week I have had 2 days off...So when I get home I am so TIRED!!! This morning I had to be at work by 5:00 am and I am still awake. On top of that I still have children who are in sports, cub & boy scouts and don't forget mutal...I also have to clean my house, make dinner, laundry and other Mom duties...I have not been online for over a week and I have had such a hard time calling everyone back. I still love you all...and I'm not mad at anyone! Tomorrow is my day off and I have a big project that I have to tackle...but I will try and make some phone calls (Multi Tasking)! OK enough of my

Susan had a basketball game last night and she won!!! She only has a few more games left of this season then Softball starts! Nick has been loving Scouts and is getting ready for Track in a few weeks. Nick will also be turning 13 next week...(2 teenagers in one house what am I going to do!!!) Daniel also loves Cubs Scouts and reminds me everyday as too when his next meeting is...He is also getting ready for his first Pine Wood Derby and is so ready to make his car...I think we will be working on it this weekend. Tim is working hard as always, we were recently called to team teach 7 year old primary. I have been having to work Sundays so we have not Taught together yet but I do have this Sunday off....

We had a real sad day last week. Our dog Jasper ran under my car and was killed...It was so hard for us all...I told Tim that we could not have anymore dogs...We do still have Sheila and our new puppy Midas (we got in Dec.) but Sheila never chases cars and Midas will more than likely be an inside dog.

So as you can see my life is as crazy as always!! I love and miss you all....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Angel has a New Job!

Angel has a new JOB...

I am now cleaning rooms at the...

I start work at 9:00 & clean until I'm all done! I get home in time for the kids!
I started on Thursday did my training for 3 days then was on my own Sunday. I was told that I was doing a great job and that I was a fast cleaner...I am so tired when I get home but I do love that I get to do something new! Maybe someday I will move up to Front Desk!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Daniel's Baptism

Daniel Jackson Livingston was Baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints January 3, 2009.

We had lots of family and some friends there to witness such a wonderful day. Daniel was all smiles as usual. He got all dressed up in his Sunday best & we went to the church around 11:30. After we got to the church Tim & Daniel went and were dressed all in White. They took their seats and the program began. Susan gave the opening prayer, Glenna Plumb (Friend) gave the talk on Baptism, we sang "When I Am Baptized", Tim then Baptized Daniel (he had to do it twice because Daniel's foot came up), then we watched a slide show of Daniel, we then got to hear a talk on the Holy Ghost by Shelby Jarman (aunt), Daniel was then received his confirmation by his dad, we sang "I Am A Child of God", and Nicholas gave the closing prayer. After some catching up with family and friends we then proceeded to the Pizza Factory for some Pizza & games. Here are a few pictures of the day. (Also see the slide show).

Thank you to all who made Daniels day the BEST!

Tim & Daniel all ready for the big Moment!
Daniel, Ethan, Maddy, Maggie....They all had fun playing games & eating Pizza!
Kirbie, Daniel & Kylee (I love Dan's cheesy face)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

The night started out with Susan, Nicholas & some friends going to a fireside and & Dance.

Then Daniel & Mom went to Missy's House for some Party Time!! Which included some Great Food and Karaoke...

This was the food spread before we all dug in...

And this was when we finally rolled away from the table...

Missy getting the Party Started..
Then the Dancing started..This is Marty, Dan & Angel getting their Groove on!

And Yes Angel was singing (we sang Children Songs like BINGO, & This Old Man)


Then all the old people sat down!!! (Angel was asleep on the other couch)

Thank you to Missy & Marty for letting us Come Celebrate the New Year with them and their family...We had a great time!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday to Daniel Jackson (December 18)
& Happy 44th Birthday to Timothy Roy (December 19)

Daniel went to bed (17) and asked me this question "Mom if I wake up at 1:30 will it be my birthday?" Of course I said yes!

Dan's Birthday was fun...We had a snow day!!! Dan was a little sad he did not get to go to school but got over it fast when he got to play all day with his friends in the snow...We went to dinner at Fiesta Mexicana, then came home and opened gifts. Dan got his Scriptures, Cub Scout Stuff, Air Hockey Table, Laser Tag, Lincoln Logs, and a few other toys. (not all were from mom and dad a few were from friends and family) I asked Dan what he like most out of all his presents he said "Mom I loved them all but I like my Scriptures and Cub Scout shirt the BEST!"

Tim had to work on his birthday. Tim got to wake up to his kids climbing on him saying Happy Birthday Dad!!! He then got to open his presents. Tim got a Josh Groban CD, Mama Mia movie, a book, a painting, and a 7 week old puppy! I made him a Carrot Cake from scratch! He got home kinda late...

Anyway...I'm glad we got the Birthdays over with...Now its time for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Dumb Car!

Ok maybe my car is not dumb but I sure do have Dumb Luck with it. I am again without a car...Why, well let me tell you my fun story! When I went down for Thanksgiving weekend my car broke down and had to be towed to the dealership. I took my mother-in-laws car home for the week. I came down the next weekend (December 3/4) and picked up my car. All was fine I had no problems. Well, then on late wed. afternoon I started smelling gas and thought what now. I called the dealership and they said maybe it was my gas cap. (ya right) So I made an appt. to bring my car in on Sat. morning. 30 min. after I droped off my car I got a call saying I had a gas leak and how luck I was that it did not Blow Up on me...Yes I am still living and I have no car!! I am so very grateful to be alive and I am grateful for my car I only wish I could keep it running without problems!!!